I really want the sailor moon for girls UFO prizes

Whispers I’m still doing the $5 commissions

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My dogs are cute

Finally a letter set for me

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Burger-licious: John’s dad popping out of a cake he made for John’s birthday

Watch him ride as his sweat glistens in the sun

Give me homestuck drawing ideas

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Girls' Generation (소녀시대)
Genie Korean Original Vers.
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SNSD - Tell Me Your Wish (prerelease version)


At first I was like O___O it sounds the same, it’s just super HD…

then I heard it.


The prereleased ver of SM songs are so much better….

it came back to my dash after 8 months, hahaha.. and yes you have to wait a bit for the ~goodie~ to come out, lol.. THREE CHEERS FOR SNSD’S BEST SONG!

the adlibs i cannot

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Lies it’s not erasable

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